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Gerhard Herndl Gerhard Herndl

Department of Marine Biology
University of Vienna
Althanstrasse 14
1090 Vienna
fax +43(0)1-4277876401

Research Interests

Professional Experience

1983-1994 Research Biologist University of Vienna, Austria
1994-199 Assistant Professor University of Vienna, Austria
1997-2008 Department Head Royal Netherlands Inst. for Sea Research,
The Netherlands
1999-2008 Professor University of Groningen, The Netherlands
2009-present Adjunct Senior Researcher Royal Netherlands Inst. for Sea Research,
The Netherlands
2009-present  Professor University of Vienna, Austria
2009-2013  Chair of Marine Biology University of Vienna, Austria

Academic and Professional Honors

2011 Wittgenstein Prize of the Austrian Science Fund
2011 Recipient of an European Research Council: Advanced Grant
2008-2014 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Chemistry
and Biology of the Sea at the University of Oldenburg, Germany
2008-present Vice-Director of the Faculty Center of Ecology, University of Vienna
2009-2013 Director of the PhD program of the Faculty of Life Sciences
2010-2012 Member of the Nomination Committee of the American Society of Limnology & Oceanography
2011-present  Corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
2006 2006EurOceans Roland Wollast Awards for Scientific Achievements
2001-present Editor of Marine Ecology
2002-present Editor of Aquatic Microbial Ecology
2003-present  Editor of Limnology & Oceanography:Methods
2009-present Editor of Biogeosciences
2011-2014 Editorial Board of The ISME Journal
2011-2014 Editorial Board of Frontiers in Microbiology

Synergistic activities:

2010 Coordinator of the ESF-EuroCores project MOCA
2009 Session Chair at the ASLO meeting at Nice, France
2008 Co-organizer with Dennis Hansell of the First IMBER-IMBIZO workshop on the Bathypelagic realm in Miami, FL, USA
2008 Main Organizer of the Euroceans workshop on ‘Meso- and bathypelagic waters and global change: current knowledge and future perspectives on the link between deep-water circulation, biogeochemistry and plankton’.
2006 Co-organizer of the Annual Meeting of the International Census of Marine Microorganisms, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands

Manuscript reviewer

Among others for: Nature, Science, Nature Reviews Microbiology, PNAS, The ISME J, Environ. Microbiol., Biogeosciences, Limnol. Oceanogr., Molecular Ecology, Appl. Environ. Microbiol., Aquat. Microb. Ecol.

Grant reviewer

Among others for: NSF Biological Oceanography, ESF, NERC, DFG, ERC