Current Projects

Funding by Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Architecture of marine snow microbial communities (ARTEMIS), 2016-2019
PI: Gerhard J. Herndl
Post Doc in project: Cristina Romera-Castillo
PhD in project: Zihao Zhao

Exo-proteomics of marine dissolved organic matter, 2016-2020
Elise Richter Grant
PI: Roberta Hansman

Taurin in marine ecosystems: release and prokaryotic use (TAURUS), 2014-2017
PI: Eva Sintes
PhD in project: Lisi Haberleitner

Wittgenstein Prize 2011
to Gerhard J. Herndl

Funding by the University of Vienna

Uni :docs Fellowship Program: Significance of selected major microbial groups in the oxygenated deep ocean
PhD in project: Barbara Bayer
Supervisor: Gerhard J. Herndl

Funding by European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant

Microbial Ecology of the Deep Atlantic (MEDEA)
PI: Gerhard J. Herndl
Post Doc in project: Roberta Hansman

Funding by Austrian Academy of Sciences

Marine plastics and microbial communities, 2015-2018
DOCS grant
PI: Gerhard J. Herndl
PhD in project: Maria Pinto

Funding by Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions

Microbial Degradation of Jellyfish-Derived Substrates (MIDAS)
PI: Tinkara Tinta & Gerhard J. Herndl

Hydrostatic pressure and prokaryotic activity in the deep sea (HYADES)
PI: Chie Amano & Gerhard J. Herndl