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Baltar, F, Martínez-Pérez, C, Amano, C, Vial, M, Robaina-Estévez, S, Reinthaler, T, Herndl, GJ, Zhao, Z, Logares, R, Morales, SE & González, JM 2023, 'A ubiquitous gammaproteobacterial clade dominates expression of sulfur oxidation genes across the mesopelagic ocean', Nature Microbiology, vol. 8, no. 6, pp. 1137-1148.


Munson-McGee, JH, Lindsay, MR, Sintes, E, Brown, JM, D'Angelo, T, Brown, J, Lubelczyk, LC, Tomko, P, Emerson, D, Orcutt, BN, Poulton, NJ, Herndl, GJ & Stepanauskas, R 2022, 'Decoupling of respiration rates and abundance in marine prokaryoplankton', Nature, vol. 612, no. 7941, pp. 764-770.

Baltar, F, Martínez-Pérez, C, Amano, C, Vial, M, Robaina-Estevez, S, Reinthaler, T, Zhao, Z, Logares, R, Herndl, G, Morales, S & González, J 2022, Novel bacterial group potentially dominates sulfur cycling in the dark ocean..

Martínez-Pérez, C, Greening, C, Bay, SK, Lappan, RJ, Zhao, Z, De Corte, D, Hulbe, C, Ohneiser, C, Stevens, C, Thomson, B, Stepanauskas, R, González, JM, Logares, R, Herndl, GJ, Morales, SE & Baltar, F 2022, 'Phylogenetically and functionally diverse microorganisms reside under the Ross Ice Shelf', Nature Communications, vol. 13, no. 1, 117.

Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 332